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Jim Rhoads, M.Div

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National Eating Disorders Association
National Eating Disorders Association

Binge Eating Disorders Association
Binge Eating Disorders Association

Academy for Eating Disorders Association
Academy for Eating Disorders Association

Academy for Eating Disorders Association
International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals

The founder and director of Pacifica Recovery, Jim Rhoads, began his career in the substance abuse treatment field in 1970. He has a distinguished professional history and developed several nationally recognized treatment centers in various prominent hospitals. With the changes occurring in healthcare he decided in 2005 to open and develop his own outpatient service.

Pacifica Recovery is delighted continuing to provide care over the years with its exceptional staff. One testimony to the quality of Jim’s leadership is the loyalty of his professional staff. Eating disorder and substance abuse programs are notorious for lots of staff turnover. Pacifica, on the other had, has a professional staff that has remained dedicated and committed to our mission from its inception.

The mission of Pacifica has been modeled after its many years in the pastoral profession in treatment of addiction and related disorders. Our mission is to embody the three great spiritual principles of faith, hope and love.

Faith – We believe that everyone has the potential and inner resources for recovering

Hope – We place our hope in recovery and the process of healing and wholeness

Love – We believe each person is loved unconditionally by powers greater than oneself

Our mission is for all clients to experience these principles within our treatment programs

Pacifica is committed to:
  • Supportive, nurturing and professional treatment
  • Comprehensive treatment of the whole person; mind, body and spirit I
  • Individualized and personalized treatment
  • Treatment by a multidisciplinary team
  • Developing the foundations for a long term healthy life style
Accreditation - The Joint Commission
Pacifica was accredited by Joint Commission in 2008 and has maintained continuous accreditation since. The Joint Commission is the highest and most comprehensive accreditation organization and patients, families and health insurance companies prefer providers that are accredited by the Joint Commission. Pacifica is the only accredited eating disorder service in the western part of the Inland Empire in Southern California and is proud to maintain this distinction.  To learn more about our accreditation with the Joint Commission, go to www.jointcommission.org.

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