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Have a Problem with Medications?

  • Do you take higher doses of medication than prescribed?
  • Do you obtain short benefit from the medication, and then experience a return of symptoms?
  • Are the rebound symptoms more intense than in the past?
  • Have physicians been concerned about the amount of medications you are taking?
  • Do you run out of medications early?
  • Does your physician refuse to authorize refills?
  • Have you made up excuses as to why you have run out of medications?
  • Do you have more than one physician prescribing medications for the same condition?
  • Have you purchased medications over the Internet?
  • Have you gone to emergency rooms when you run out of medications?
  • Has your role in the family changed and you have become less active and more isolated?
If you or a loved one has a problem with medications, please call Pacifica now!! (909) 447-5081 or (800) 947-3189 WE CAN HELP!!!

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