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Pacifica Recovery Eating Disorder Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program has been built around the concept of honoring the individual, and their journey – we understand that helping clients overcome an eating disorder in the present, mirrors healing the traumatic impact that it has upon their lives. We believe that by providing the knowledge and practical experience of living a healthy lifestyle our clients are more able to claim ownership of the tools necessary to thrive.

Pacifica Recovery’s mission is to empower each individual, as a holistic being, to integrate mind, body and spirit within their personhood. We view health as a spectrum, and gently incorporating wellness into a daily routine is paramount to comprehensive and sustainable health.

The Intensive Outpatient Programing has been designed for individuals who do not require Residential Treatment, or for those who have recently completed an Inpatient Program. Our clients attend evening programing, five nights a week, from 6pm to 9pm. This allows clients to maintain their daily routines and responsibilities, engage with a program of wellness while still enjoying weekend activities. Incorporating a balanced and manageable routine, with time for self-care and relaxation, underlines our philosophy of wellness and healthy living.

Eating Disorders are understood to be pervasive and complex in nature, we look to parallel this understanding with a multifaceted approach that addresses the etiology (causes), driving forces and consequences of this disorder. Clients benefit from a treatment programthat helps build a sustainable action plan for the future;one thatdraws from a strengths-based perspective, and directly addresses the unique layers that constitute individual truth.

Recovery from an eating disorder is a dimensional and environmental experience; we make extensive use of therapeutic groups in a setting that models the transition from maladaptive patterns into adaptive and sustainable habits. Feelings of isolation, shame, guilt and ‘aloneness’ are commonplace amongst our client population; therefore we center our approach on safety, validation, comfort and combined healing. Joining, bonding, sharing and exploring inner landscapes with others serves to create an atmosphere of acceptance. Our clients learn how to reach out and relate to their peers.

Clients are invited to build trusting relationships with our practitioners who model wellness and will guide, engage and eat with group – we believe that interaction, interdependence and shared experiences are mandatory to treating eating disorders. Our facility is designed to provide a comfortable, accepting and calm setting, with a strong emphasis on self-actualization through evidence based intervention.

The eating disorder program has been designed and reviewed by our multidisciplinary team, who have decades of advanced training and experience. While eating disorders commonly present as restricting, binging, purging and over-eating food we understand that deeper causes and conditions often exist in unison – thereby we work to build trust with our clients, and collectively address:

  • Attaining and maintaining a healthy balance within all aspects of life.
  • Assisting clients in returning to daily living with sustainable tools and skills.
  • Personalizing coping skills and strategies to manage individual circumstances and stressors.
  • Enhancing client self esteem, and self-awareness of personal and interpersonal psychology.
  • Exploring underlying issues that drive eating disorders, and undermine wellness.
  • Isolating and addressing self-destructive behaviors, thoughts and actions.
  • Reducing emotional reactivity and increasing distress tolerance, empowering clients with resilience.
  • Identifying and engaging with a support network that models and mirrors wellness.
  • Integrating a holistic mind, body, spirit perspective through specialized groups and workshops.
  • Removing the stigma of seeking help, increasing self-care and community engagement.
  • Creating healthy eating habits and practices in a comfortable shared community setting.
  • Engaging gentle exposure therapy to increase client comfort with public eating.
  • Designing personalized and specific meal plans that take into account individual client needs and dietary choices.
  • Incorporating foundational and supportive work that addresses concurrent mental health and psychological wellness.

Our programing incorporates psychotherapeutic approaches that complement each client’s existing therapeutic work, or augments their existing life-skills. Our comprehensive team of therapists, counselors, registered dieticians, doctors, psychiatrists and social workers come together to address:

  • Invasive and ruminating (spinning/racing) thoughts, images, and ideas.
  • Anxiety and how it impacts body, mind and spirit.
  • Depression and client’s associated struggles with self-care and self-esteem.
  • The impact of trauma on the psyche, and how trauma is interwoven into somatic (body) memory – focusing on survivor empowerment and identifying intrinsic resiliency.
  • Identity issues that incorporate gender, sexuality, culture and integrated self.
  • Identifying and exploring cross-addictions, such as substance abuse, gambling, and shopping.
  • Assistance in developing healthy and manageable exercise routines, that promote wellbeing while balancing the needs of the body.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder, perfectionism and their association with eating disorders.
  • Anger, self-harm and self-defeating/sabotaging actions.
  • Mood disorders and behavioral disturbances.
  • Behavior modification and emotional regulation.
  • Family of origin and interpersonal communication/relationship issues.
  • Body awareness and body gratitude that incorporates motion based wellness, such as yoga, breathing and mindfulness work.
  • Self-empowerment and self-advocacy, by incorporating mindfulness and meditation as tools to center self and increase intrapsychic energy to promote resilience.
  • Spirituality as an avenue for increased wellness, self-care, communication with self and comfort.
  • Finding comfort in self and incorporating healthy rituals and patterns that underline wellness – individualizing clients’ needs and specific emotional, spiritual and intellectual language.

Enrollment into Pacifica Recovery’s eating disorder program is an individualized process from assessment, to group therapy, individual sessions, and finalizing with client centered discharge planning. Our team adopts a client as expert approach, understanding that each individual holds the existing insight and awareness to undercover their own truth and healing. Pacifica assists in completing the picture with our clients, empowering them in taking control of their lives.

Our staff works openly as a team to assess the appropriate level of care for our clients. Your treatment team will tailor reliable, structured and comprehensive treatment, alongside regular wellness checks and measures to promote ongoing life management, growth and sustainability.

We validate each of our client’s personal truths – we pride ourselves on being open, accepting and inclusive of gender, race, ability, sexual orientation and religious or spiritual preferences.

During the initial assessment our comprehensive team identifies the appropriate modalities and approaches necessary to meet the client’s needs. Pacifica adopts a balanced approach that includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT), group psychotherapy, individual nutritional programing and wellness practices while taking pride in being able to offer additional personalized, safe and comfortable care.

Pacifica believes that adopting an individualized treatment perspective, integrated to an open group format, assists and empowers each client to discover the power of validation and transformation within their own lives.

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