Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Comprehensive Treatment in a Serene Environment

Residential treatment should be the main option to consider when a person is battling an addiction and wants to get and stay clean. The great news is that starting in a monitored detox environment like Pacifica Recovery allows for a much more comfortable experience.

Cocaine, heroin, alcohol, prescription drugs and other substances can be painful emotionally and physically, so the residential treatment process should start out with a supervised clinical detoxification process.

Treatment is More than Mere Sobriety

Without a plan for avoiding these substances in the future, a recovering individual may experience post acute withdrawal symptoms and end up relapsing. That is why a safe and professionally managed detox program is only the first step towards a new way of life. The next step is addressing the underlying issues that fuel the abuse and learning new responses to life’s challenges in a supportive residential program.

According to The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), nearly 23 million Americans are believed to have a substance abuse disorder, but only about 10% get the services they need to stay clean and sober in the future.

Initial sobriety can be overwhelming for an addicted person, especially long-term users who have established certain life patterns over time. Because of this, individuals require more than just a removal of their drug to move on from their addiction. Many recovering people need help getting clean, and have tried to do it on their own to no avail. A residential addiction treatment program is recommended to help newly recovering individuals learn to adjust to life without their drug of choice. In particular, managing cravings and stress triggers is a key skill set that our trained counselors work with our clients to develop.

Committing to time spent in treatment gives the newly recovering person the right to step away from the everyday stresses of their daily life. A serene setting like the one offered at Pacifica Recovery is ideal for a person as their body and mind continue to adjust to life without drugs. During their time in treatment, a newly sober person will get the time and space to learn more about themselves, their substance abuse, and ways to cope with life that are uplifting and esteem building.

Residential Treatment Programming Should Not be ‘One Size Fits All’

Everyone who comes to Pacifica Recovery has a unique background and perspective and that’s why we believe that treatment programming should not be ‘one size fits all.’ Our admissions assessment will take into account many aspects of the admitting client’s personal history so that we can create a treatment schedule that is holistic in nature. We carefully weigh:

  • History of substance use (and treatment)
  • Family history
  • Social history
  • Personal goals and beliefs
  • Any related diagnoses

Addressing Underlying Issues for Real Change and Growth

As we’ve discussed, it’s not enough to just halt the intake of substances and to hang on to sobriety for dear life. If personal development work is done as part of the recovery process, then eventual the stresses of life and issues that haven’t been properly addressed will either lead to relapse, or at best a low quality of recovery.

The years of clinical experience our master level clinicians have attained allow us to really approach our clients holistically and help them process past events and manage any related disorders, such as trauma, anxiety, or depression, so that they can find serenity and fulfillment in their sobriety. We address the person’s mind, body, and spirit so that they may experience growth and development that will cement new behaviors.

One-on-one therapy, assistance with co-occurring disorders such as depression, and other issues such as unresolved trauma are also explored in our inpatient residential setting. Therapy may involve art, nutritional guidance, and other holistic approaches as part of a treatment plan.

Structure, Compassion and Stability

Our residential program will be based around a planned schedule for the recovering person to participate in. They will begin to explore life without the use of drugs in a safe, compassionate environment. Our team consistently helps individuals make better choices and establish new behavior patterns, no matter what their drug of choice was. In treatment, newly clean persons learn new coping skills that they can employ for the rest of their lives. Learning to live without drugs and alcohol can be a frightening and overwhelming experience when it’s done without the care and guidance of treatment professionals. Treatment has been proven to create better outcomes and of course lifelong sobriety for many.

Should You Get Help?

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